Support for Teachers

What We Deliver

  • New Sports & Activities to Encourage Pupil Participation
  • We Cover Various Strands of the National Curriculum
  • Fitness & Nutrition Programs
  • NQT & Returning Teacher Support
  • Focus on Gifted & Talented Pupils
  • Emerging & Special Needs Programmes
  • Competitions & Tournaments
  • Parent & Children Activities

Did you know?

Schools can fund additional PE support by using their 'Sports Premium'. This funding is available to make additional and substantial improvements to the quality of PE and sport throughout the UK. We can also provide support to gain additional funding opportunities, which allows your school to deliver more activities than ever before. Our packages include full access to PE and sport specialists who can attend classes and deliver your PE curriculum alongside your teachers, enhancing and supporting staff development.

Contact us today, in Bradford, West Yorkshire, to obtain more details about our sporting activities.